Types of Thongs

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When many people think of the thong, they think of the classic G-string sexy thong that features a typical panty-like front with a half-inch to one-inch strip of fabric at the back and a string that runs up along the buttocks and connects the two pieces together. While this is the most quintessential type of thong out there, there are other types you can select from as well.


As its name implies, the C-string thong has the shape of a C. What causes this shape is the fact that it doesn’t have the side strings that traditionally run along the hips and connect the front and back of the panty together. How does it stay up then? The string part of this type of thong usually contains some type of wire that holds it in place. This is one of the more erotic thongs out there.


Then there’s the V-string, which is also sometimes referred to as the modern thong. It is arguably the most risqué-looking of all the thongs in that it’s one of the skimpiest ones on the market. It features a panty-like front a virtually no patch of fabric in the back. Instead, it is just thin string connecting the front to the back to form a “V’ shape made of strings.


There’s also the cheeky. While some people don’t regard this type of panty as being the same as a thong, because some of the panty sits within the buttocks, it is actually classified within the thong family. As its name implies, the cheeky highlights the cheeks. It is basically a typical panty with some of the cheeks cut off so that some of the fabric sits upward and inward to show off the bottom part of the cheeks. This type of thong offers the highest amount of coverage of all the types of thongs out there.