Lingerie: The More You Know

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Whether you’re a lingerie lover or new to the scene, there’s much to know and learn about the world of intimate apparel. Here’s some insight on how to buy and wear lingerie.

Try It On

Buying lingerie online seldom works out. You can analyze the measurement chart all day long, but you’ll feel more confident in your decision if you try it on for size. Much like a wedding dress, you’ll know it’s the right set from the moment you put it on.

Mix It Up

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your selection. If you want to pair a bralette with sexy stockings, go for it. Your style and preferences come first. It’s OK to draw inspiration from what’s on the mannequin, but you don’t have to replicate it.

Put A Premium On Comfortability

Above all else, being comfortable is a must. If you’re willing to sacrifice your comfort for sex appeal, feel free to. However, a stubborn strap or jabbing clasp will kill the mood quickly. When it comes to lingerie, being content will help boost your confidence.

Don’t Dry Your Lingerie

Your lingerie needs to be handled with care. These garments are delicate, which means they’ll deteriorate in the dryer. After washing them, use hangers to help them air-dry. For an especially dainty piece, considering washing it by hand. Sexy stockings are a prime example of lingerie obsessive that needs to be rinsed and dried gingerly.