Chemises for Sleepwear

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Chemises are a type of undergarment that are typically worn over the bras and panties but underneath the clothing. Back in the medieval days, they were the only type of undergarment worn, and they were typically what both men and women slept in as well. Yes, men wore chemises back in the medeival days too. Back then, the chemises’s primarily function was to protect the clothing from the oils on the skin.

Nowadays, though, most chemises are simply referred to as slips –, and they are worn to provide a bit of protection under flimsy or see-through garments. They help keep the light from shining through thin garments and showing your skin or undergarments beneath it. They are still made in a classic smock-type fashion, but they can come in different prints, materials and styles nowadays. For instance, you can find a sexy chemise that features satin, lace, ribbons and other frilly decorations, and you can also find simple, plain, unadorned chemises that are for practical purposes only.

More often than not, though, chemises are worn as sensual, sexy nightgowns nowadays. Many designers create the gowns, and they are generally loose-fitting and flowing so that they’re comfortable to sleep in even if you tend to toss and turn in your sleep. At the same time, they can be made from materials like crushed velvet, mesh, silk, satin, lace and other luxurious materials that not only feel sensuous against your skin but look pretty and can tease and tantalize your partner and serve as a way to spice up your sex life a bit.

Regardless of what what kind of sexy chemise you’d like, there are various types on the market. Select from fun prints and patterns, luxurious and sensuous fabrics or simply solid colors ones, all of which you can enjoy sleeping in and wearing under dresses and other garments.